What to do in Paris?


Our best picks in Paris

The Avalon hotel and its partner Paris City Vision optimise your holiday in Paris and allow you to visit Paris and its region, on foot, by boat or by bus, and in optimal conditions to create unforgetable memories.

Ask at reception to know what to do in Paris

All our team have just one obsession: the success of your visit to Paris. At the hotel you will find tourist guides and you also have the opportunity to purchase tickets to visit museums, Disneyland Paris and the river boats to avoid wasting precious time in queues.

Paris is a magical city that you need to visit many times to fully appreciate its authenticity. A city with multiple facettes, it responds to the expectations of romantics, artistes and history buffs.

What to do in Paris?

Of most importance will be to be taken by bus, by a boat, to a monument, to a chateau, without counting the hours of sleep because the activities in Paris are many and there is always something to do or to see in the city of light.

Anyway, we will accompany you with kindness throughout your stay to make it a success.